Le Larderie di Colonnata

Lardo di Colonnata, cold cut of the poor quarrymen living in the Apuan Alps, was sliced and eaten with tomatoes and bread.

A simple food but with a high energetic level which should give strength to the quarryman for the whole hard day of work in the quarries, at an altitude of more than 6500 ft.

This delicious product with the same colour of Carrara white marble, is unique for its unmistakable and dainty taste which is given by its long seasoning in a large marble bowl and by the microclimate, a typical Colonnata trait which keeps the pork at particular temperatures and humidity. Seasoning is an operation passed down over the centuries and completed only by laying alternate layers of lard, coarse salt and spices such as ground black pepper, fresh garlic, rosemary. This is the story and tradition of Lardo di Colonnata, a refined cold cut which can be tasted today as a meal on its own or as an ingredient to improve and enhance endless recipes.

From 2004 Lardo enjoys the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) status given by the ministry of agricultural and forestry policies, recognizable by a red plastic seal placed right on the lard.

Clear off the salt from the upper part with a knife.
Cut the rind below and slice finely.

Keep wrapped in a damp dishcloth in a cool place, folding down the rind on the cut. The product, purchased vacuum packed, can be kept till eight months if not opened.

This method of seasoning, very ancient, is very effective from a bacteriological point of view, in fact thanks to the large use of salt, garlic and pepper, no additive or preservatives are used.